Ash & Rose - Raw Labradorite Bezel Ring - Sterling Silver

by Faire
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 About this product

If you love labradorite, you'll adore this simple statement ring that showcases the natural, organic beauty of the stone. The gem reflects beautiful shades of blue, green, gold, and purple as the light hits it from different angles - really brought to life by the raw, rough shape.

* Sterling silver with bezel setting.
* Handmade

About Ash & Rose

Hello! We're Nea and Mary Savoca, the mother-daughter duo behind Ash & Rose. We founded the Ash & Rose retail clothing boutique in 2014, on the principles of sustainability, fair labor practices, and empowering women. Soon after launching our store, we embarked on our own design journey and launched the Ash & Rose Collection. We design with our customers in mind: creative, modern women with a romantic and slightly whimsical sense of style.


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