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*Clearance* Sam Farrand - Glisten Halter Dress

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  • Classy touch with this sleeveless open shoulder fitted dress.
  • The high amount of lycra in our dresses gives a glossy effect.
         The quality of the product once it's in your hands is all that matters.             As our customers of over 6 years have discovered, we keep our promise             of making only top quality products. It's common with online shopping                 to receive the cheapest possible version of what you were shown. We are           happy to exceed expectations and put a smile on your face when you                  open your package from us!
  • Here are some of the things unique to our brand that makes for superior clothing.
    Un-matched Print Quality using a 1 of a kind Advanced & Customized HD Printer
  • Hand Made – printed fabric is cut & sewn by hand in our factory for Quality Control.
  • High end lycra fiber is introduced to the polyfibers to create a much stronger fabric that gives the artwork a nice light glossy finish, perfect for tapestries.
  • Special inks sourced from...

$29.00 $70.00

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