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by Faire
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Product Description: As a witches brew should be this SCENT is a mystery but amazing. The wax turns black when melted and a bit of sparks of gold glitter.

These small Amethyst chips stones are good for home decoration, stone collection, wishing bottles, succulents, scene setting, fish tank, flowerpots, houseplants, garden, fountain and more. Perfect gift for beginners or collect crystals.  These Amethyst are real crystals.

Amethyst is considered the stone of calming, with its ability to stimulate the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras. Amethyst is a natural stone of choice for psychic openings and intuitive development with a particularly powerful effect in spiritual expansion of oneself. Amethyst assists in banishing emotion-based decision making, allowing the individual to assimilate higher guidance and spiritual understanding into his or her actions.


D SCENT was created after three months of research and development. I wanted my candles to be twice as strong as the standard candles, organic, and relaxing. Therefore, all our candles and melts are currently made with 100% premium soy wax. We add dried flowers, herbs, and/or crystals to some of them. D SCENT candles focus on providing an aroma experience that you will not forget and will make you fall in love. Everything is crafted to perfection to ensure you are getting the best quality. We also personalize orders; satisfaction to our clients is our priority. Welcome to our shop and become part of the D SCENT family.


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