Hamsa Candle - Made in Indonesia

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Happiness, Luck, Health, Protection & Good Fortune!

A recognizable amulet symbolizing divine protection in many religions & cultures. Hamsa Hand is also known as Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Hand of Mother Mary or Hamesh.

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol that pre-dates major religions. It is said that when the hand faces upward it is protecting you from evil, or negativity from others or even your own negative thoughts. When the hand faces downward it is a welcoming sign bringing good fortune, health and luck into your life. Either way, this special amulet will bring protection & good fortune!


The Hamsa hand is an amulet from ancient Middle Eastern and North African tradition, first appeared in ancient Carthage (present-day Tunisia) and Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq).  It also is known as one of the oldest symbols with a history that begins at least 1,800 years ago. It is recognized as a symbol of protection in every faith. It is carried like a talisman for evil eye protection and attracting health, fertility, fortune, wealth, and abundance to the owner. It’s trusted to protect you from negative energies, harm or danger. It’s believed to invite happiness, luck, good health, and fortune. It is recognized as the symbol that invites positive energy and helps cure illness. It helps to remind us to be faithful and nurtures our spirit. It also helps to deepen our yoga and meditation practice. Hamsa hand is a powerful symbol, and it brings many good things to you when you wear it. The symbol gives direct access to positive forces and helps you achieve a higher state of consciousness. It aids us in having positive qualities and brings deeper meaning and insight. Apart from its powerful meanings, it’s a beautiful work of art. 

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