Hand & Flower Incense Backflow Burner/Holder (for cones)

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4" tall and 3" diameter. decorative burner for back flow incense cones. (does not come with plate but burner should be used with something small to catch the ash. 

Detailed instructions:

  1. Hold the incense cone with one hand or with some tweezers
  1. Light pointy end of the incense cone with a match or lighter as you would a candle wick. Ensure that the incense is immersed in the flame until it ignites with a small flame (note the flame may not say lit as it might on a stick incense)
  1. Gently fan or blow out the flame or remnants of the flame
  1. Check the incense tip where the flame was. If you see a small glowing ember, and smoke starts coming out of the bottom, then the incense has been correctly lit. If you're unsure, leave the incense for a minute or so, then check again. If you do not see a glowing ember, and there is no smoke coming out of the bottom, you have completely extinguished the incense by accident, and will need to repeat steps 1-3 above
  1. Place it into the incense holder. Be sure that the hole at the bottom of the incense aligns with the hole on the seat of the incense holder, or the incense plume will be blocked


Once lit, it is difficult to put out a backflow incense cone and keep it for use at a later time (as we often do with our stick incense).