Aryenne Jewelry - Amethyst Necklace

by Faire

About this product

Place this delicate amethyst necklace around your neck to feel a wave of calm wash over you. As a stone of purification, it encourages inner peace and alleviates stress, anxiety, and tension. The calming properties of this purple quartz promote peace of mind and a better outlook on life. 

✓ 16-18Inch adjustable chain

✓ 18k gold plated stainless steel which is non-fade and anti-allergic material.

✓ Waterproof: does not change color with water exposure.


• Made in United States

About Aryenne Jewelry

Aryenne Jewelry is designed to reflect the spiritual nature of the wearer. Carefully crafted with love and intention from tarnish-free materials with the use of authentic gemstones.

Brand Values

Women Owned


Established in 2020

Based in United States of America

Ships from USA

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