Our Story

The Headspace was created in 2011, when a 27-year-young, homeless and down on his luck founder and CEO Patrick Dowis made the decision to change his life and use his hands and mind to create a brand that promotes self-expression. Along with the friendly facilitations of food / shelter, and encouragement of a couple of close friends, he was able to make a small wholesale purchase of lapel hat pins to get started, and sold them outside of shows and at festivals. After success with his wholesale purchases he began making his own pins and The Headspace was born.

The first year of business set the moral & intentional foundation for the next 7 years. A year after it’s conception, The Headspace got the opportunity to work with Visionary artist Chris Dyer, who as one of their major artists, has shown The Headspace nothing but love and support. Patrick said about Chris “Chris Dyer is a rockstar. He’s somebody who I admire highly. His work goes beyond incredible and positive art, as he colors people’s hearts and minds with his life and many talents”. Working with Chris making pins opened a new realm of ideas and possibilities.

Through working with visionary artists and advanced printing processes, The Headspace was able to take ordinary products, and transform them into an expressiveness of love, togetherness, mysticism, and other positive feelings.

Customers are continuously & passionately letting us know about the positive interactions they have while wearing or using our products.

Currently, The Headspace offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and household items, all listed on their website www.theheadspace.net and sold at their storefront in Denver, Colorado (250 Broadway), opening in November of 2018.

“We are grateful for our customers, collaborating artists, internal team members, wholesale partners, and all social media fans for your continuous love and support.Visionary art opens the mind to possibilities outside of the 3-dimensional realm. In times of darkness, we look for the light to guide our paths. We believe that Visionary artists have a sacred connection to realms where sources seek to connect to us through visual representations.”