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Brand details:

* One of the most popular brands in the counter culture.

* over 70,000 *REAL* Facebook fans www.facebook.com/theheadspace

* product releases via Facebook reach 200,000 – 600,000 people.

* vend 25+ counter culture music festivals per year all across the United States. 10,000 – 150,000 patrons at each event totaling an estimated 1.7 million patrons exposed to the brand up close an personal each year.

* SPONSOR 10+ of the largest of those festivals (along side major liquor brands and other large corporations such as vehicle manufacturers and gaming consoles) assuring that our brand makes major impact on over 700,000 fans in our direct market each year who go and spread the word. THESE VERY COSTLY SPONSORSHIPS ARE WHAT HAS SET US APART AS THE BEST BRAND YOU COULD ADD TO YOUR INVENTORY. Music festivals are the highlight of the year for those in the counter culture, and we are the brand that shines at them.

* Extremely passionate customer base. Ask your employees / customers about our brand.

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