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The Headspace is looking for new members to join our sales team!
Simply post your link anywhere along with any image on our social
media or website. When somebody clicks that link and then buys with-
in 7 days, you get 10%. Whether you're a blogger, or you enjoy sharing
what you love on social media, sign up below to start earning 10%
Frequently asked questions answered at the bottom of this page




Q. How do I sell stuff to make money?
A: Very Simple! You'll receive a link when you sign up. Anytime somebody clicks
on your link to our website, and then buys something from us within 7 days,
Refersion will log the sale and you'll get paid 10% pretty simple, right!?
You can post your link on social media, text messages, blogs, emails..
The sky is the limit!

Q: How much money do I get?
A: You'll be paid 10% of the product by direct deposit to
your bank or paypal account. Shipping and any other fees
are not payable. If your homie, fan, follower, or audience member
buys a pair of joggers on sale for $60, and a shirt on sale for $40
you will receive $10 on your account, which will be paid to you
once 30 days passes and over $25 has accrued. If $25 has not
accrued, your balance will always carry on to the next 30 days.

Q: When someone clicks on my link, if they don’t purchase that
time, but they buy from The Headspace later, do I still
get credit for that purchase?
A: You will get credit for a purchase within 7 days of someone
clicking on your link.

Q: How do I see my sales?
A: To access your dashboard, click "Already Registered? Login"
on the top of this page. From your Dashboard you can track all
of your sales and earnings.