B Fresh - 90s Splatter - Blue - Visor Shades

by B Fresh
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The 90’s was vibrant! Colorful! Often geometric and sometimes splattered or sponged. Whatever the application, the 90’s was colorful and bold! Perhaps the best visual representation of the 90’s can be seen in the carpet that lined our favorite venues' floors back in the day. My school, famous video, the movie theater, TILT arcade… IT WAS EVERYWHERE! And it was damn inspiring. It made every place you went feel like K.B. toy store. It dared us to color outside the lines! To wear loud *ss patterns and bright ass colors if we wanted to. Bottom line- carpet taught us to be expressive! To pay our respects to the era with the best carpet laying skills of all time- we created the 90’s splatters! Inspired by loud ass carpet patterns! Shout out to Portland International Airport! This is a rare space that has been preserved in time. If you want to know how it feels to stand on abstract greatness, go take a walk thru the PDX carpet garden! You’ll find us there wearing our 90’s splatters laying some carpet. Now that’s what we call market research! 


  • Polarized lenses
  • UV-400 Protective
  • Splatter paint print
  • Includes Matching Sunglasses Cord
  • Inspired by carpet