Ammonite Fossil - Medium (B)



Beautiful Ammonites from Madagascar each is about .5-1 inch across

Ammonite A stone of change and transformation, The spiral symbolizing the energy of all life. Ammonite is a wonderful stone with assisting and opening your kundalini life force energy. Ammonite is a stone of protection that brings about a circulation of energy that help you relieve any trauma. Ammonites will also help to raise the heaviness felt while you feel depressed.

Ammonites lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous. The Jurassic Period began about 201 million years ago and the Cretaceous Period ended about 66 million years ago.

Ammonites were so plentiful that paleontologists use them To date layers of rock.
They have been found all over the world.

These pieces have their face polished to show the beautiful detail of these fossils.
Please note these are completely authentic and natural specimens.
Each fossil will be slightly different in shape, size, color, and overall appearance.