B Fresh - The Smackdown - Visor Shades

by B Fresh

  • Step into the ring and dominate all your opponents! You and The Smack Downs visor shades, that’s all it takes to absolutely obliterate every obstacle on your path to extreme greatness! Imagine the gains! Imagine the respect! Imagine yourself maxing out and kicking butt! Now stop imagining, blow your 24 inch guns out, and order a pair of The Smack Downs visor sunglasses right now! Unleash those nostalgic mega powers! We’re talking Hulkamania meets Macho Madness feats of strength. The mixture of you and these ridiculously powerful polarized lenses with added UV 400 protection, brother, it’s ‘blow the whole planet up’ explosive! The official retro sunglasses of leg drops and flying elbow drops! Oh yeahhhHHHh! Leave the reckless abandon behind and become the strongest force in the universe! All you gotta do is want it! So drop these B Fresh shades into your protein shake today and feed your power!


  • Polarized lenses
  • UV-400 Protective
  • Splatter paint print
  • Includes Matching Sunglasses Cord
  • Inspired by carpet