B Fresh -Van Dopes - 80s Visor Sunglasses - Vintage Retro Ski Visor Shades

by B Fresh
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Want to achieve instant celebrity status within your circle? Want to blow up and act like you don’t know nobody? Your ride has arrived- we’re talking Maserati monster truck rides! We gave Riff Raff full creative control over the Neon Icon Riff Raff visor shades! A midnight black base complimented by a strawberry shortcake pink Memphis print and topped off with whipped cream white logo sprinkles. The flavor on these retro shades keeps on going with the hot pink visor vision lens. Take a look at your outfit right now!  It’s nice, but if you top it off with these vintage sunglass compliment grabbers, your drip is now on tsunami status! See straight into the future with the power of these UV400, polarized, full revo lenses and add some flare to your mullet fade with the hot pink temples and matching nose piece. Take one look at these burly boys and you’ll know, these dope sunglasses are built to go fast! They clocked in doing 0-120 in 2 seconds flat. The limited edition, Jody Highroller designed, Dale Dan Tony approved, Neon Icon visor shades, I know that’s riiiiight!