Children's Book - Blue A Mindfulness Tale by Hill Schroder

by Faire

An inspiring book for kids & adults about self love, compassion, gratitude, hope, resilience, confidence, meditation, and inner peace.

With moving poetry and magical illustrations, Blue ~ A Mindfulness Tale is a modern mix of Dr. Seuss and Alan Watts for every age.

Do you ever feel Blue?
No matter one's age, we all have times where we feel down. Sometimes we feel discouraged, anxious, insecure, afraid, or alone. 

      Blue ~ A Mindfulness Tale has already helped uplift, empower, and equip thousands of people of all ages with the tools and skills of compassion, self-love, and mindfulness. A delightfully inspiring story layered with lessons for children and the inner child within us all.  This easy to read coffee table book delivers potent lessons that touch the heart of every adult reader, while simple enough for a young child to understand.  
      Written at the tail end of a six month residence at Magnolia Grove Monastery, a meditation practice center founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and illustrated by Nuri Keli of FX's Archer, Blue can help anyone at any age experience more calmness, confidence, and charisma.