B Fresh - High Rollers - Purple People Eater

by B Fresh

A bold name for a bold frame. These sunglasses are built for all the motor boaters out there. The guys and gals who throw caution to the wind and love to ride a big one! 

The perfect sunglasses for your naughty nautical adventures. Grab a pair of Purple People Eaters and cast your line off into the sunset! And don’t worry about sun-glare, there’s a lens for that. These performance enhancing sunglasses come with three swap-able lenses. 

The first lens is a deep reflective purple and they’re polarized and UV400. Wear the purps when you’re about to eat some people in heated battle. 

The second lens is matte black but is still polarized and UV400. In case you want to dress it down just a touch during sports and fishing and such. 

The third lens is an opaque lime green lens. This lens is special! It’s UV400 but is not polarized making it a great lens for low light situations like casting lines during sunset. 


  • 3 interchangeable lens options included
  • Polarized/ UV 400 lens option with each pair
  • Opaque, low light lens option with each pair
  • Hard carrying case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight and durable/malleable polyurethane frame
  • Aerodynamically speaking, fast AF
  • Not just for roller blading