B Fresh - Sun Blockers - White/Blue & Green - Slambonies

by B Fresh
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What can we say, these retro sports sunglasses are a got damned grand slam! For real, Andre Agassi might call and ask for his tennis shades back. And yes, Slambonie is an actual tennis term, but thats not the point! The point is, if you want to dominate on the court this summer, you're gonna need performance enhancing eye protection! This is that.

What's your serve speed currently at? Not bad but... grab a pair of these and double that! we're talking 90 mph minimum! The lightweight polyurethane frames are aerodynamic AF so you can make your cuts and pounces even quicker! Plus, you've got 3 lens options to choose from to get the job done and earn those neighborhood bragging rights! With a light blue fully reflective and UV400 lens to cut down on glare, a polarized UV400 lens to provide gradient which helps in cloudy conditions, and a clear lens so you can look like a champ and wear sports goggles under the bright lights! The 'Slambonies' Sun Blockers cycling sunglasses are the real deal. Get these performacne enhancing shades before they're banned by your local rec center.    


  • 3 interchangeable lens options included
  • Polarized/ UV 400 lens option with each pair
  • Opaque, low light lens option with each pair
  • Hard carrying case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight and durable/malleable polyurethane frame
  • Performance enhancing eyewear 
  • Slambonie is extremely fun to say