Gypsy Soul - Evil Eye Decorative Dish - Pink w Blue

by Faire

About this product

Hamsa Evil Eye dishes are chic and elegant. You can keep them next to your night stand for better protection.

6 1/2 inches tall
4 1/2 inches wide
Hand painted Porcelain

About Gypsy Soul

We serve everybody who is wanderers, adventurists, spiritualists, and bohemian-spirited individuals. We thrive to be environment-friendly and bring the most quality with unique finds. Our mission is to provide unique finds of handcrafted beauty and home decor items. These are not limited to lotion candles, mosaic lamps, metaphysical supplies, genuine gemstones, and gemstone jewelry as well as fair trade items.

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Established in 2022

Based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Ships from USA