Petrified Wood Slab (A) - 3.5"

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Petrified wood is often considered a sacred heirloom from the past, as it begins by encapsulating ancient plant material like the giant sequoias or other primeval trees. It is thought that ancient ancestors of Italy, the Etruscans, used petrified wood to create handmade religious objects. Contemporary followers of Etruscan traditions now think of petrified wood as a window to the past, using it to recollect ancient memories.

Many believe in the use of petrified wood in assisting with atrophied muscles and vulnerable skeletal structures by stabilizing the body’s defenses. It is thought to promote balance and calmness, allowing the body to heal in a relaxed, de-stressed environment. As a product of once living material, the gemstone is often viewed as a sacred representation of humankind's connection to the universe. Just as the stone undergoes a dramatic transformation, petrified wood encourages openness to personal transformations as well. Regardless of metaphysical beliefs, the stone can be a representation or reminder to embrace change and/or uncomfortable feelings on your journey to new beginnings.