Sow the Magic - Gem Infused Rose Quartz Skin + Room Tonic

by Faire

About this product

Formulated with Lebanese Rose Water and beautiful Rose Quartz, this inspired floral scent is intended to balance body and mind. Soften and condition skin or spritz on linens, laundry or furniture with the soothing notes of freshly blossomed rose.

Directions: Shake bottle prior to spritzing and pump 3-5 times. If using on body, gently pat onto skin. Do not spray directly on linens or laundry. Mist these items at a slight distance for best scent and coverage. Keep away from eyes. Intended for topical use only. Do not ingest.

Ingredients: Rose Water (Rosa Damascena), Organic Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis), Vegetable Glycerin

About Sow the Magic

Sow The Magic is inspired by a singular enchantment with Mother Nature and a love of mystic designs. Our family believes the answers to life are already at our fingertips in the form of plants, herbs and ancient wisdom. To inspire your journey, we curate a growing assortment of treasures including gemstones, tarot seeds, notebooks, jewelry and digital illustrations. Each item is intended to expand intuition, practice your own magic and cultivate a healing garden. Let’s grow together!

Brand Values

Women Owned | Small Batch | Organic | Not on Amazon | Eco Friendly | Social Good | Handmade


Established in 2021

Based in Asheville, North Carolina

Ships from USA

Products made in United States of America