Warrior Within - Sea Visions Liquid Light Kimono

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Kimono Love, the perfect robe for all your adventures.  
  • Original Artwork Entitled: Sea Visions Print by The Jammin Warrior Collective & The Brotherhood of Light
  • Festival Kimono, Chillin' Kimono, Sunday Kimono or All of the Above
  • Adorned with 10 inch fringe knotted black fringe
  • Perfect over accessory for beach or festival
  • Boho Chic
  • Bright + Light in weight and print
  • Sewn in San Francisco, CA, USA                                                                                 

Fabric Features: Original Artwork Print.  American Made Fabric printed in our studio in Sonoma County, CA.   Polyester fabric, Polyester Fringe. Fringe is dry-clean only. 

Fit: One Size