Wookery! The Board Game!

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How To Win: Collect as many wonky cards as you can while you work your way around the festival grounds.  Gameplay ends when there are no wonky cards left to be played.


WONKY CARDS: Each wonky card is a tongue twister. Say it correctly without error and you keep the card.  If you can't complete the tongue twister, you take a drink and place the card back at the bottom of the pile.



4) While you pass through the festival grounds you'll be grabbing heady cards.  These cards act as your game of chance and move you forwards/backwards on the game board.  During gameplay, each heady card will have you naturally sharing relatable stories from festivals & life experiences.



5) Land on the woke space to steal a wonky card from another player.   Play this strategy wisely.



6) If you land in the K-Hole this acts as the "jail" on the gameboard.