Trippy Clothing for Arise Music Festival

Trippy Clothing for Arise Music Festival

The Arise music festival concentrates on creating a yearly gathering, with an efficient way of strengthening and building the society. At the heart of Arise Mission, there is a firm conviction that supports the creation of a celebration experience. In most cases, these experiences inspire active involvement in issues about social justice, joy, and positivity. The festival calls to celebrate the wonder and beauty of this valuable life.

As its name suggests, Arise moves in the direction of elevating the experience of the festival. Additionally, it influences people who engage in many self-improvement workshops, various musical performances, and opportunities to connect. Arise offers abundant chances for participants to experience new leisure activities, for example, juggling, yoga, or slacking. Also, individuals can look at a musical act from a one of a kind category, which covers everything from experimental bass music to acoustic jam sessions.

In case you want unique trippy clothing gear; The Headspace's vendor booth concentrates on offering the festival lovers precisely what it requires in terms of accessories and gear. This year, The Headspace has been featured as one of Arise festival's sponsors, and this is a phenomenal experience.

Arise cultivates a life-changing weekend stuffed with memories that you cannot get from any place. There are several main experiences (Arise Music Festival experiences).

Continuous Trapeze Performances

Arise has launched another installation. A huge Trapeze Performance stage that has Disco Ball. Pneumatic arts performed irregular sets the whole weekend that involved falls, flips, aerial stunt, etc. The Disco Ball was indeed a marvelous addition. Covering the back of the principle bowl with rotating white lights in the evening.

Saturday and Friday Night Mikey Thunder Throwdowns in Silent Disco

Blending in the old school and hip-hop classics with techno and house beats made sure DJMikey/producer control the quiet disco on Saturday and Friday nights. The colors of the headsets demonstrate that he commanded the disco. He often keeps a large number of dancing supporters on a personal channel.

The Weekend Apogee - Clogee's Saturday Night Performance

CloZee had the duty of giving an incredible experience in the Saturday main event. CloZee did not only rise to the occasion. She pulverized any doubts concerning what she can do in a short time of one hour. In a fantastic courage display, CloZee decided on an audacious execution of musical ability.

The Inclusion of Women Performers at Every Stage of Their Lives

It is not ordinary to see a woman who is pregnant pouring her soul freely in front of an audience. This year there was a performance by a pregnant woman known as Zoe Jakes. Zoe Jakes from Beat Antique and several collaborations and shows from Bridget Law. In an elaborate speech (In Beat Antique show). Zoe passed her gratitude to the festival and crowd for showing massive support to women at each phase of their lives. It is something that the music industry ought to put a lot of focus on.

Sunday Night Dance Party with Collidoscope

Regularly used for workshops, the yoga sanctuary changes to a platform for music performances in the evening. Those who are lucky to come across Collidoscope Sunday party night will not forget this high-energy experience. Collidoscope usually plays disco-inspired, fun-filled jam, which attracts dance lovers all over.

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