Trippy Fashion Made From Recycled Plastics - The Headspace’s Pledge To Earth

Trippy Fashion Made From Recycled Plastics - The Headspace’s Pledge To Earth

Trippy fashion requires special attention. Not all psychedelic & visionary art fashion shops have a sustainable approach. Here is why this matters.

“I want You To Panic.” 

These are the exact words used by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Nuremberg, on February 1st, 2019, in Brussels, Germany, in front of European Union leaders

She’s right.

The Pacific Garbage Patch, a monstrous size swirling collection of trash between California and Hawaii, is now 3-times the size of France, 16 times larger than previously estimated. 

On top of that, fast fashion continues to be the #2 global polluter. It has dominated and reshaped the fashion industry since the 1990s and has been a major driver of the industry’s enormous greenhouse gas emissions and devastating environmental impact. 

Furthermore, studies show that the average person in 2014 owned 60% more clothing items compared to the average consumer in 2000 whilst wearing those clothes for only half as long. Americans bought five times the amount of clothes in 2014 as they did in 1980.

These increasingly lower prices keep reducing the perceived value of each clothing piece, also reducing its life-time value to a few wears over the course of several months. Ultimately, fast fashion products mostly end up contributing to the Pacific Garbage Patch, with only a small per cent being donated to charities, and an even smaller per cent of that reaching the shelves. They simply receive too much clothing. 

In combination with fast-produced low-quality products, lack of organic farming is what damages our dear planet even more. Did you know? It takes 1-2 years of drinking water to grow enough cotton for one cotton shirt. Now multiply that by the increasing rate of fast fashion production. Meanwhile, we have communities with a severe lack of drinking water, due to climate change causing drought.

This can not continue. It has to end here, with this generation making a meaningful impact on the common consciousness, aimed at generating empathy and love for our fellow sojourners and our dear Mother Earth.

This is why The Headspace has made a pledge, one of great importance to our sense of fulfillment and desire to do good.

Our company was started on the basis of elevating human consciousness through visionary arts. With that, came a desire to produce high-quality printed clothing, that inspires anyone who wears it and even those who see it without wearing it. 

The Challenge

The truth is, printing visionary art on clothing is no joke. You need the right materials, the right machines, and someone who is willing to weed out through the many obstacles this process holds. 

Printing on organic cotton would simply sacrifice a great deal of the quality of the art. And after all, it’s all about the art. 

We had to find material made with a low carbon footprint, possibly from recycled materials. 

The Solution

repreve for trippy fashion clothing

That’s when we found Repreve - the leading, most trusted, branded performance fiber producer. They use recycled materials, including plastic bottles, to create sustainable fabric that looks and feels great.

Using their sustainable fabric, annually we print over 10,000 clothes and accessories, including T-shirts, gym shorts, leggings, joggers, hoodies, tank tops, leotards, bandanas, and more.

Blog Article Written by: Sinan Murat

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