Trippy Visual Arts Fashion is Taking Over the Mainstream

Trippy Visual Arts Fashion is Taking Over the Mainstream

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Trippy Visual Arts Fashion is Taking Over the Mainstream

Let’s get trippy! Psychedelic Visual Arts fashion is taking over the mainstream apparel market in a major way, a trend that’s arrived straight from the future. 

Generally, Visionary art derives from self-taught artists whose works arise from an innate personal vision of the world around us and the Universe that surrounds it. It embraces the entire spectrum of possibility and impossibility, from Heaven to Hell, from physical to spiritual existence.

Visionary art is not new, although the Visionary designs created by artists such as Cameron Gray, Solstice Son, and Monique Munoz, would have been impossible without the help of electronic functionalities. Since the beginning of time, artists have attempted to portray what the eyes don’t see, but their third-eye can visualize and their soul can feel. 

Attempting to present the spiritual and the mystical and understanding that creativity and the produced images are bridges between the lower and the higher world, is the main concern of visionary art. As such, one can define the animal and human hybrid drawings and paintings found on cave walls, the ancient shamanic art, or the ritual masks of the African culture as some of the earliest examples of visionary art.

monique munoz

The Core of Visionary Visual Art

The core of Visionary art is dictated by a form of prophesized messages of love, Oneness, and internal self-fulfillment (as opposed to seeking for fulfillment from external sources). Each artist has their own technique of entering a higher state of being, and communicating with different energies and frequencies, in order to pull lessons and messages that help enlighten the Spiritual levels of society.

For various cultures, this realm of the unknown has various names – for William Blake it is called the divine imagination, for the Aboriginal culture it is called the dream time, and for the Tibetans, it is understood as the dimension of inner richness. The connection to this realm and the ability to expose its images through paintings, or drawings explain the idea of visionary art. Such artworks are considered as points of contact between the spiritual and the material realms.

Much of the shapes on Visionary visual art pieces derives from Sacred Geometry. Sacred geometry is the mathematical representation of patterns that are prevalent everywhere in nature. The use of these forms in art goes back at least 4,000 years and is believed to help connect viewers with the transcendent, eternal realm of the spirit. Just by gazing at these images, even for a few minutes, you will feel a connection to the divine nature within all things.

“Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based on such experiences.” – Alex Grey

alex gray

The Visionary Visual Art Community 

The Visionary Art scene is community centered, with great focus on cross-pollination of techniques and vision between different artists. You have probably seen such artists live painting at festivals, such as Lightning in a Bottle and Electric Forest, and literally watch their genius unfold before your eyes while striking up a conversation with them. Being able to watch the creative process in action always brings people closer to recognizing that all of life is a work in progress.

“The visionary art community is now a global movement, and when we started out there were only a handful of us.” - Alex & Allyson Grey

The scene is becoming more and more full of visionary artists and painters. Powerful shamanic visionary sacraments, dancing, drumming, yoga, and meditation are only some of the ways that Visionary artists use to channel each other’s creativity through the Universe around us. 

The nature of such activities (or lack of activities, in the case of meditation) naturally shares infinite beauty, understanding, and acceptance. This direct approach at sharing heart-opening, mind-scorching insights has been spread through the worldwide transformational festival network and via the intelligence of the social networking sites of psychedelic and Visionary visual art.

Examples of Visionary Art

After this sufficient introduction into the magical world of Visionary art, I wanted to share some of my favorite examples. 

  1. Cameron Gray

cameron gray

2. Chris Dyer

chris dyer

3. Monique Munoz

monique munoz art

4. John Speaker

john speaker

5. Solstice Son

solstice son

Companies That Sell Visionary Arts Fashion

  1. The Headspace
  1. Vision Lab Art
  1. InVisions Shop
  1. Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations
  1. Alex Grey's Cosm Shop

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